Biophysics Schedule

Spring Semester 2019

Meeting Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10:50 am - 12:05 pm

Lecture:Month:Date:Room:Primary Instructor:Topic:
1JanuaryThursday, 1/9Dr. Borries DemelerIntroduction
Solution Biophysics
2JanuaryTuesday, 1/14OnlineDr. Borries DemelerMass Action and Transport Processes
3JanuaryThurday, 1/16OnlineDr. Borries DemelerApproaches to data fitting
4JanuaryTuesday, 1/21Dr. Borries DemelerDiscussion
5JanuaryThurday, 1/23OnlineDr. Borries DemelerSedimentation I
6JanuaryTuesday, 1/28OnlineDr. Borries DemelerSedimentation II
7JanuaryThurday, 1/30Dr. Borries DemelerDiscussion
8FebruaryTuesday, 2/4OnlineDr. Borries DemelerSedimentation III
9FebruaryThurday, 2/6OnlineDr. Borries DemelerSedimentation IV
10FebruaryTuesday, 2/11Dr. Borries DemelerDiscussion
11FebruaryThurday, 2/13Dr. Borries DemelerSpectroscopy
12FebruaryTuesday, 2/18Dr. Borries DemelerSpectroscopy
University of Lethbridge Reading Week
13FebruaryThurday, 2/20No Class
14FebruaryTuesday, 2/25No Class
15FebruaryThurday, 2/27Dr. Borries DemelerSpectroscopy
16MarchTuesday, 3/3Dr. Borries DemelerSpectroscopy
17MarchThurday, 3/5Dr. Borries DemelerSpectroscopy
18MarchTuesday, 3/10Dr. Borries DemelerDiscussion
Small Angle Scattering
19MarchThurday, 3/12OnlineDr. Emre BrookesSAS I
20MarchTuesday, 3/17OnlineDr. Emre BrookesSAS II
21MarchThurday, 3/19Dr. Borries DemelerDiscussion
Small Angle Scattering
22MarchTuesday, 3/24OnlineDr. Emre BrookesSAS III
23MarchThurday, 3/26OnlineDr. Emre BrookesSAS IV
24AprilTuesday, 3/31Dr. Borries DemelerDiscussion
To Be Determined
25AprilThurday, 4/2Dr. Borries DemelerTo Be Determined
26AprilTuesday, 4/7Dr. Borries DemelerTo Be Determined
27AprilThurday, 4/9Dr. Borries DemelerTo Be Determined
28AprilTuesday, 4/14Dr. Borries DemelerTo Be Determined

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